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Beatriz Têxtil started its activities in August 2000 with an installed capacity of 250,000 kg / month of Open-End Rotor yarn for flat and circular weavings. It currently has a capacity of 900,000 kg / month.
Located in Maracanaú, in the state of Ceará, it counts on state-of-the-art equipment and is proud to deliver its high quality yarns to its customers. Its mission is to manufacture yarns of excellent quality, seeking to meet the internal and external market, valuing its internal customers and seeking to overcome the  expectations of customers through cutting-edge technology, competitive prices and efficiency in service. 

100% cotton yarn, 85% defibrated waste and 15% polyester in color. Cotton / regenerated yarn - 8/1.


knitting​ and insoles for footwear

In Ceará, the manufacturing plant is dedicated to the production of double-fronted fabrics up to lining fabrics and insoles. Branyl offers high quality for the footwear industry and its production features state-of-the-art technology, including the color lab, ready to meet any industry demand.
Thus, Branyl provides fabrics and insoles for major national and international brands, who value flexible, comfortable, airy and high performance shoes.


knitting​ and insoles for footwear.


sewing threads

CTB has a modern manufacturing facility with automated machines and a trained team of professionals. The threads undergo to a processing and lubrication to meet the need of each application. The products reach customers within a quality standard demanded by the market.


Line for straight stitching 1.300m 100% polyester. Line for straight stitching 3.600m 100% polyester. Overlock wire 70g 100% polyester. Line for straight stitching 1.200m 100% polyester. 400g 100% polyester overlock wire. Overlock wire 125g 100% polyester.



Cotece is a genuinely Brazilian company, installed in Maracanaú, Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza. It has a modern infrastructure, and it was designed to position itself among the best knitting industries in the country. The company is constantly investing in cutting-edge technologies and qualification of the team, and this is a sign of reference in the textile market. It unites technology and creativity, developing knits through various combinations of  fiber blends and colors. The result is products made from innovation and high quality standards , seeking customer satisfaction and following the international trends of fashion


Printed Lipsets, Challis Prints, Plain and Printed Viscoes, Cotton Knitwear, Trend Flamê, Piquet Mesh, PV Mesh, Helanca, Ribanas, Moletinho Mescla.


Boobs for underwear, fitness e beachwear.

Delfa® provides dubbed blankets, foams and blankets that contribute to the growth of various business segments, creating competitive advantage and adding value to the products of its customers. The culture of developing innovative products capable of satisfying the diverse needs of the market with sustainable and exclusive products is part of DNA Delfa®. Design, innovation and functional references are part of Delfa products, that result of research carried out at the largest fashion poles in the world, with professionals with wide experience in the underwear, beachwear and fitness segments.

Boobs, foams and blankets dubbed.



Quality, innovation and fashion are the words that define Filati Malhas products. With a modern industrial park, the company is focused on the production of items that meet the needs of the knitting market in Brazil. In parallel with the technology used in our manufacturing process, Filati is also dedicated to the preservation of the environment, through the treatment of water and waste, the reuse of natural products and the production of ecological meshes.
With a diversification and differentiation in the product line, today they serve the male, female, beach fashion, fitness, lingerie, night line and children segments.

Botonê, Cotton, Crepes, Knitted, Fitness, Fleece, Linen, Lurex, Knitwear, Blends, Modal, Moibusho, Piquet, Polyamide, Ribana, Viscose.


Labels, Ribbons, Jacquard, Bags, Seals and More.

Leader in integrated solutions for brand identity, Haco has a long history in which it has consolidated itself as a company recognized worldwide for its creative, technological and manufacturing capacity. This company was founded 89 years ago in the European Valley, and  supports designers and new talents, encourages national fashion and develops exclusive and high quality products for all fashion segments, with woven labels, embossed labels, Jacquard fabrics, tags, seals, laces, metals, adhesive solutions, bags, packaging and other products in its catalog.


Textile Labels, Printed Labels, Jacquard Fabrics, Embroidery, Ribbons, Ribbons, Tags, Bags and Packaging, Transfers, Decorative Labels, RFID - Radio Frequency Labels, Seals, Metals.



Jaguatêxtil was created to make cotton yarn based on cotton by-products originally intended for handicrafts.
Always focused on the latest technologies, Jaguatêxtil uses various textile by-products, not just cotton by-products. The technology involved in making its products, from the beginning, values quality without leaving aside environmental preservation, since it processes the textile by-products in order to allow them to be used in making cotton yarn, without any direct-acting chemicals or indirectly the environment.

Yarn 4/1, 8/1, 12/1 and 16/1 in different colors, if you do not find the color you want in our catalog, we will develop it for you.


Knitting and pinting

The constant bet on technology and fashion research allows the Jangadeiro Têxtil to stand out, providing its customers with products that are inspired by  quality and dedication from the very start.
Using different raw materials and a work focused on the most current trend, they manufacture unique products, marketed throughout the national territory.
High technology in printing.

Printed Viscose Knits, Structured Patterns and Differentiated knitting.



The technology involved in the production of yarns from Multicor Indústria Têxtil was originated in the second half of the last century in Europe. This technology allows the reuse of textile by-products, allowing their use in the manufacture of yarns that can be used in many applications.
The process used allows the yarn produced to be of the same color as the raw material used, that is, there is no dyeing process involved in the production of Multicor yarn.

Yarns 4/1, 8/1, 12/1 and 16/1 in different colors, if you do not find the color you want in our catalog, we will develop it for you.


Interlining, Knitting and Digital Printing

Pemalex is an industry that, for more than 40 years, offers quality interlinings and knitting throughout Brazil, proudly "Made in Ceará". The company was born with the elaboration of a machine to merge interlinings in São Paulo, and came to settle in Maracanaú, Ceará, in 1974. Today it manufactures woven and non-woven interlinings, polyamide and polyester knite, such as Circular Loom, HT, Rama and Electronic Jigger. Since 2015 has its own printing with the launch of Amaré Design, with digital printing machines and unique prints creation.


Interlinings for apparel: collars, cuffs, waistband, pocket lining, giving a better touch, trim, and softness in clothes.
Knite interlacings: used mainly in women's clothing, giving a perfect fit on clothing.
Embroidery Interlacings: Used to suit all embroidery segments, such as caps, T-shirts, and bags.
Non-Woven Interlinings: variety of non-woven interlinings that give shape, softness and comfort to ready-made clothing.

Polyamide Knitwear: Fabric composed of polyamide and elastane, mainly used in the intimate fashion and beachwear industry.
Polyester Knit: Fabric composed of polyester and elastane, used in the manufacture of bojos, intimate fashion, fashion and beachwear.


Development and creation of prints, with own fabric printing, using state-of-the-art sublimation machines for polyester fabrics and digital printing on flat fabrics and fabrics.



The Santana Textiles Group occupies a prominent position among the textile industries and consolidates its expertise in the fabrication and development of basic, differentiated and innovative denim fabrics.
The Santana Textiles Group originated the fabrication of sleeping hammocks, a segment in which it was the national leader in the late 1970s. In the early 1980s, Santana's Fiação was born, the first Brazilian industry in this segment totally focused on the open-end process  for the production of cotton yarn.
In 1995, the company verticalizes and adds a new segment, the weaving, starting to produce denim fabrics. The first textile unit of the Santana Textiles Group is inaugurated, a factory in Horizonte, in Ceará, whose production capacity is approximately 3 million meters of fabric / month.
Grupo Santana Textiles has a commercial presence throughout Brazil  through  it has one of the largest commercial teams in the country.

Denim: light rigid in blue and black blue. Average hardness in blue, black blue and black. Rigid heavy blue and black blue. Denim elasticized in blue, black blue and black.




The trimmings were created to attend the booming market of underwear industries in Brazil. Ceará has emerged as one of the largest poles of this type of product. The service is aimed at companies of various sizes. It has modern machinery composed of Jacquard and Crochê typologies totally automated manufacturing high quality products.

Elastics, Handles, Shoelaces and others.



A leader in spinning technology, TBM has international reach, with offices and representation on every continent and is ready to offer the best products and solutions.
Its products have quality recognized by the high technology applied in their industrial processes, the technical assistance provided and the serious selection of industrial partners. Technique, quality and development are some of the components that make up and differentiate TBM products in the most diverse textile segments, such as clothing, decoration, bed, table, bath, fashion, automobile, among others. Always attentive to the needs of the market, TBM puts at the disposal of the market, textile products of the highest quality.
TBM is the right partnership for the success of its clients. In addition to the traditional cotton yarns, TBM is distinguished by the range of differentiated products it launches in the market.

Flemish, Multicount, Multitwist, Botanelle, Moulinê, Brinel, Elitwist and Compacted



Têxtil JM is focused on knitting and is dedicated to serving its customers in a special way.





Plain Fabrics

Since its founding in 1893, Unitextil has been combining tradition and technology and has been consolidating each year as a reference in the textile market of South America.
The company produces 2 million meters of cotton, viscose and polyester fabrics distributed over a wide range of structures and patterns destined to the segments of clothing, bed and table, hospital layette and technical fabrics, and can also offer, through partners, some services termination.

Popelines, voil, tricolines, cambric, percale, twill, brins, canvas and fabrics in cotton, viscose, polyester and mixed


denim and jean

For 50 years in the market and with a global presence, Vicunha is a world leader in indigo and brine production. The company has several manufacturing facilities in Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador), distribution centers in Europe and Asia, as well as commercial offices in the Netherlands, Peru and Colombia.
With a modern industrial park, the company constantly invests in state-of-the-art technology and the training of its professionals, more than seven thousand people. Its factories have processes that minimize the impact of their activities on the environment, reinforcing their sustainable positioning and a commitment to make their operations greener.
Vicunha is always at the forefront of the great trends of fashion and market behavior. Its fabrics are present in the main international catwalks and in the most varied pieces of collections, ranging from renowned brands to large chains.

Indigo, brass and printed, light and heavy, from rigid to elasticized, including different fiber blends and finishes.



In 1981, Valdemar Zanotti joined his studies at the Center of Technology of the Chemical and Textile Industry with his professional experience to found a small company: Transmar. It was installed in a ranch of 15 m2, and back than it only counted on six tranzers for the production of elastic bands.
Calling the attention of the market, growing and evolving, the company became known as Zanotti S.A. and was conquering more and more customers, always with an accelerated pace, both in terms of technological advancement and the deadline for delivery to the customer. And so Valdemar has overcome every difficulty imposed, generating jobs and forming a team, which he calls "big family."


Elastic, Yarn, Lace, Satin and Lingerie.

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