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135 years developing

new ideas and partnership in Ceará.



This Portal gathers information about products and services offered by the textile industries in Ceará.
Get to know one of the largest industrial parks in Brazil.
Here you reach directly the companies and you can do business.
In addition, it is possible to obtain information and schedule of events in Brazil and other countries.
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fifth position in national textile production

around 60 thousand direct jobs bringing together the productive chain.

commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability.
Textiles in Ceará





first in denim and yarn production.
Data about Brazil

>> Brazil is a world reference in beachwear design, jeanswear and homewear, having grown in the segments of fitness and lingerie.
>> Brazil is still the last complete Textile Chain in the West. It has from the production of the fibers, like cotton planting, until the fashion shows, passing through spinning, weaving, processing, confections and strong retail;
>> The textile production chain in the country is the 2nd. largest employer in the manufacturing industry,  behind only to food and beverages (together), and it is still the 2nd. largest generator of the first job;
>> Fourth largest apparel industry park in the world;
>> Fifth largest textile producer in the world;
>> Second largest producer and third largest consumer of denim in the world;
>> Fourth largest producer of knitwear in the world;
>> We have more than 100 fashion schools and colleges;
>> Industry that has almost 200 years in the Country. In Ceará is 135 years old;